Giles Elliott Tree Surgery | Stump Grinding

If you've got any nuisance tree stumps in your garden, stump grinding may well be the answer to remove the eyesore and re-use the space. Our machine is capable of accessing a variety of work sites, and once there can efficiently grind the stump and any surface roots to well below the surface. You will be left with a tidy hole full of ideal mulch to pop a bit of topsoil on, and replant. Or just as easily pave over.

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Giles Elliott Tree Surgery. Tree Pruning

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Many Trees these days are subject to planning restrictions, and tree preservation orders, especially within the Snowdonia National park. We have a wealth of experience in negotiating with these bodies, and coming up with a works plan that suits everyone. We also sort out any traffic light applications, and liaise with any potentially affected utility companies, power lines for example.


Dependant on your budget and requirements we can do anything from full removal, to leaving you with the chippings, and firewood. Whichever option we go for your site will always be left in the tidiest state possible.


In some cases, such as a woodland setting it can be preferable to leave the arisings stacked tidily, providing wonderful habitat for wildlife and promoting biodiversity within your area.