Giles Elliott Tree Surgery | Cancellation Rights

Your right to cancel

If you wish to accept our quote then the following applies to yourself. You have a right to cancel this contract without giving any reason. The cancellation period starts when we enter into a contract with you and will end 14 days after you have taken possession of the good and service we are supplying you. In order to exercise your right to cancel you must inform us of your decision by a clear statement (e.g. phone call, letter sent by post or email). To meet the cancellation deadline you should let us know that you wish to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. If you want to put this in writing, this can be sent to us by address or by email.

Work commencing prior to the expiry of the Cancellation Period

If you agree that work may start before the cancellation period expires, please could you print and sign the form following this link to confirm this agreement and that you understand that if you decided to cancel within fourteen days, reasonable payment maybe due for work carried out prior to cancellation. Alternatively an email can be sent using stating the same text.